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The Life of a Christmas Tree


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The Life Of a Christmas Tree

Christmas Trees of Wisconsin




Most Christmas trees begin their life in a nursery where superior seeds are planted and grown to 2 year old seedlings. The seedlings are taken from the nursery beds and replanted in one of our many Christmas tree fields.

It takes approx. 4-16 years for a Christmas tree to mature. During it’s growth into a mature Christmas tree it faces many hazards. Trees suffer from too little or too much sun or rain, destruction by rodents, insects, disease, hail or fire, overgrowth from bushes, vines and weeks or theft from the field. It takes a lot of tender care to grow a healthy Christmas tree. Spraying, weeding and fertilizing is a year round job.

At harvest time, we select and tag the trees that are ready to cut. The tagged trees are cut and bundled, loaded on a truck and shipped to sellers—where families like you welcome them into your home.

The Christmas tree has now fulfilled it’s purpose. Remember, for every tree we cut and average of two to three are planted. And when you recycle you contribute to the cycle of the tree.

Real Christmas trees are a recyclable and a renewable recourse.

Every year, we spend months shearing and pruning the trees. By holding back the rapid upward growth, we and other growers can encourage the tree to branch more quickly and gradually achieve the full bushy appearance that you look for in a Christmas Tree.